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Many a post on this blog have been about friendships along our journey. No place has been without both loneliness and deep friendship. When we moved “home” to Virginia we settled in as if it was going to be forever. Being a foreign service family we knew we wouldn’t likely be the ones living in our home forever but we had plans to hold onto it and for it to be our “home”. Anywhere on the globe our children would know their home. Life moved along and we were pulled more and more to moving life closer to family. But why leave a career Seth loved and a life set up here when things were so stable. After much searching and praying and talking and pondering we decided that after MaryAnne was born we would dive into a job search. Seth had looked the previous year and we were leerly of starting it all again. But we looked. And we waited. Someday I will hop back on and tell you the long of it but the short of it is that a week from Thursday our belongings will be packed for what we hope is the last time in a long while. And then they will be loaded up and will make the drive back to familiar lands north of Dallas in Plano, Texas. A home awaits us there, as well as grandparents, siblings, cousins, a farm and a completely different life. Whew. More on that later.

But where the heck does chicken come into all of this?

Before even coming back to the US, I signed up for Mothers of Preschoolers and a community bible study group so that I would be sure to have fast friends. We had great friends from our previous times in DC but we were now toting older kids, and spread our geographically so coordinating schedules became tough. Our visits were sweet but rare. While our social calendar was full of friendly faces and fun activities it took longer to find those deep friendships. I have learned in the last 5 moves that while you do get better at the packing/unpacking, setting up house, and meeting people, deep friendships just can’t be rushed. It has only been in the past 7 months that God really dropped a new dear friend into my daily life.  What began as a friendship out of necessity with carpooling kids around has been a sharing of daily joys and woes.  We know each other’s children’s interests and triggers. She has seen the worst of days for mine and I have seen her kids best behavior days! Or so it feels. A few months back we started a habit of picking up an extra rotisserie chicken at the store if either of us was at Costco. For my international friends, I realize this sounds like quite the splurge but Costco sells a plump rotisserie for a bargain. And you stay at home moms know the wonders of a cooked chicken during a jam packed week. Oh the possibilities. Anyhow, back to the chicken deal. We never exchanged money, we just held up our end of the deal and returned the favor when it came time to run to the store. The chickens arrived with the most impeccable timing on nights when cooking dinner felt like an impossible feat. A reminder of community and God’s provision through friends.

Seth and I were laying in bed the other night rehashing the to do list and what final things need to be done that last day in town. I ran through my long stressful list and then burst in to tears as I told him the last thing I need to do is deliver a chicken.

I know it will take many days and months, shoot, here it took years, to have deep friendships. But I do know that God has chosen special friends for us along the way, at just the right time, and capable of meeting just the right needs, not just for friendship, sometimes evenfor chicken.

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  1. Goodbyes to dear friends is by far the hardest part of moving. I wish you all the best with your next adventure and patience as you adjust (again) and start forming new friendships – may they always uphold you with laughter, distraction, and chickens when needed.

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