October is nearly over!!

I have a bazillion months to catch up on but couldn’t stand the delay any longer. Here is a picture catch up on our Fall to tide over the grandma’s and friends who have been patiently waiting and checking for updates! I read a quote the other day “Autumn is the year’s last smile”. We have been soaking it up and moving non-top. The weekends are packed with soccer games, times with neighbors and all things Fall!

IMG_8179 IMG_8175 IMG_8173 IMG_8160 IMG_8156 IMG_8145 IMG_8149 IMG_8080 IMG_8058 IMG_8049 IMG_7943 IMG_7936 IMG_7850 IMG_7904 IMG_7842 IMG_7840 IMG_7827 IMG_7828



  1. Beautiful pictures and fun. I’m really missing you all.

  2. Anne O'Leary

    Yay, a blog post for us non-facebookers! Really great pictures. I want to be carried around and have someone feed me fresh apples too!

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