Vintage Chic

Yesterday I tortured MaryAnne a bit. Seth’s mom loaned MaryAnne some dresses that she and Seth’s aunt wore as babies. I had MaryAnne do a little fashion show so that we have some pictures of her in the sweet clothes. She was tired and while she is normally all smiles she just looked at me blankly and sucked her thumb for most of it. Here are some outtakes from her little photo session…

IMG_6421 IMG_6425 IMG_6450 IMG_6456 IMG_6473 IMG_6489 IMG_6503 IMG_6523 IMG_6516Sweet girl turns 7 months old tomorrow! Oh my! This is going by way too fast. She now sits up on her own. Loves sweet potatoes, zucchini, avocado, pears and oatmeal! She is now reaching for the boy’s toys and doing lots of shrieking and arm waving to get attention…as if she is lacking!! Her hair is coming in darker than Jackson’s and lighter than Owen’s! I am curious to see her little personality unfold…

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Last weekend we hit the road for a quick road trip and over night in Chincoteague Island. It is our second road trip with 3 and I have to say the kids do pretty well. There are moments of pure insanity involved in each day balanced with pure bliss watching the kids soak up the beach and enjoy some family time away from home!

IMG_6018 IMG_6066 IMG_6083 IMG_6104 IMG_6110 IMG_6124 IMG_6147 IMG_6184 IMG_6165 IMG_6188 IMG_6203 IMG_6236 IMG_6274 IMG_6315 IMG_6361 IMG_6375 IMG_6387 IMG_6391 IMG_6416

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Soccer Wrap Up!

Seth and Jackson finished out their season of soccer!  The season went way too fast this Spring.  Seth will begin coaching Owen in the Fall and Jackson will move on to another coach!  Here are some pictures from the last game and awards time. As you can see the motley crew loved Coach Seth!

IMG_5866 IMG_5873 IMG_5877 IMG_5889 IMG_5898 IMG_5905 IMG_5914 IMG_5923

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Our dear babysitter Rebekah is expecting a baby boy in August!!  It was such a treat to put together a shower for her. I hosted the shower with my friend Emily Felts. She is a party planner and does the most beautiful spreads. You can check out her work at A Silver Nutmeg. If you are local and looking for someone to do a dessert table for a wedding or birthday give her a call!  She did the dessert table for the shower.

We decided on a Peter Rabbit theme. Light blues, greens and yellows with garden accents. Here are a few pictures of the special day!  (Pardon the blurry pictures. I forgot to check my camera settings! Yikes! )

IMG_5948 IMG_5939 IMG_5942 IMG_5930 IMG_5933 IMG_5929  IMG_5968 IMG_5962 IMG_5941 IMG_5932


Congratulations, Rebekah! We can’t wait to meet your little guy!





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