Still smitten

I have lots to write and I am clearly way behind but before I get down to business (which still might take weeks) I just can’t resist sharing a little sweetness on this Monday morning!

Who is this one that swooped in and has stolen each of our hearts?  Each day it’s more clear that MaryAnne, like both of her brothers is cut from the same cloth. She is one of us and we all cherish her so much.  This morning MaryAnne slept through breakfast and woke up during cartoon time. As I changed her diaper the boys busted into her room to tell her good morning! I have been telling the boys that if I had all the boys in the world lined up and had to choose I would choose them! Yesterday after being away for a couple of hours Owen said to Seth, “if we lined up all the babies in the whole world and had to pick one, we would pick MaryAnne!”

Excuse the grainy phone pics.

IMG_4138 IMG_4059 20140211_061716 20140206_163801


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Namesake Surprise

Last weekend MaryAnne and I pulled off a big surprise. We flew out to Louisville and surprised MaryAnne’s namesake, my dear friend Annie! The surprise went down without a hitch and MaryAnne was able to bring joy during a long, cold winter!






























Evan met us at the airport and snuck us home to hide out until we surprised Annie!





































MaryAnne was up before the sun to see the kids off to school!








































































































this next picture pretty much sums up the attention this girl got! this was not staged I just happened to catch it on my phone!





















our trip home was eventful with a 2 hour delay and then an hour on the tarmac to de-ice the plane and runway! MaryAnne was a trooper!  We were greeted by excited brothers and daddy!


























































Much love to our Louisville family! Can’t wait to come back with the whole gang!


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