Holiday Snap Shots

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!





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This year we kept Owen’s birthday festivities simple! He invited 3 of his little buddies over and we had a playdate.For the playdate we pulled out the things I rarely pull out like paint and puppets!  Then on his actual birthday we opened presents and had cupcakes. He was proud as a peacock and loved the time with his friends!

Owen has grown up so much in the past year! He had a big fall with the start of preschool and has made some great little buddies. He has become so independent but still very much loves help (particularly when it isn’t available :)) Owen enjoys playing outside with Jackson, ridding the world of pirates, thieves and enemies of all types. He has grown to love coloring and doing art work at the table and takes great pride in his creations. Owen brings lots of laughter into our home with his jokester self!   Happy Birthday little BIG boy!


IMG_3522 IMG_3526 IMG_3542 IMG_3545 IMG_3561 IMG_3575 IMG_3580



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About a week before MaryAnne arrived I decided to start a mini tree of thanks with the boys. It was really for them but it was good for me to slow down in the pre-baby panic and realize that we have so much to be thankful for.















These are the things they were thankful for this year. On the second day Owen called out that he was thankful for his nipples. We spared the tree that shame and told him while we are glad he’s thankful for his nipples we might think of some other options.














We enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast at my brother Ryan’s house with my parents in town from Texas. The cousins enjoyed cuddling MaryAnne and watching a movie together after lunch. I would say we all got our fill of great food.









































if you need a good apple cider sangria recipe this one is a good one that we tried this year!


































Lizzy and Ruthie even made MaryAnne a bracelet on the rainbow loom!














Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

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