It’s a rainy, dreary day here. The house is perfectly quiet except for the hum of the computer. Not even the washing machine is buzzing this morning. The boys are off to school after a wet drop off and I am sitting down to catch up here a bit! Owen is one month into preschool and LOVING it! He has gone to bible study with me as well as Sunday School, etc. so we weren’t worried but there is definitely a whole different rhythm to school!  So far he bounds out of the car and is eager to get into school. He chatters the whole way home and spares no detail. He is learning new things so quickly I feel a bit guilty for not having tried to teach him more sooner. This week he asked me to teach him to write his name…and he did. Jackson just had such different interests at this age.











According to his teachers Owen has made some little buddies, one in particular that we hear about often. His name is Noah and his family happens to live in our neighborhood. We met them at a neighborhood picnic last week and learned that the boys were born on the same day, just after the huge Snowmagedon storm. And when put together these boys certainly act like they are two peas in a pod (or maybe two monkeys in a tree…peas in a pod sounds way too passive). As we drove away from the picnic I told the boys that we always pray for them when they start school that God would give them a special friend and it has been so apparent with both of them that friends were picked especially for them!








Owen’s class is the caterpillar class and they recently learned a song about The Fuzzy Caterpillar…he’s a little goofy in front of the camera but you get the idea.



The best news is school wipes him out! He is ready after his busy morning to settle into a great nap most days!











Owen is looking so big these days and very eager to become a big brother. He is my sidekick on non-school days so I imagine it will be an interesting adjustment for all.   He and Jackson are enjoying play time together and while the battles are intense the times of peaceful playing are nice to observe! I can’t wait to see the dynamics when sister comes.

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Thank you, Lord!

For healed bones.











(don’t let the thumbs up fool you, two casts was cool for all of 10 minutes, the other 8 weeks were filled with tearful times)

It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were dealing with broken bones and a very discouraged little boy! So thankful to have made it through that season. Amazing what the ability to use your hands and arms can do for morale! While I don’t think I will ever get over my stair anxieties I am thankful we are on this side of that little snippet in time for our family. At the time the healing felt like an eternity. Today he is healthy, non-stop active and still keeping us on our toes, and for that we are thankful.




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October love


















pumpkin time! we had friends over Fri night for a fun night of chili and pumpkin carving! We did it early this year to ensure it would get done!  The next morning we got up and drove to an orchard in Maryland where we met my aunts for apple picking. I expected the boys to be over the excitement pretty fast but they loved picking. When we got home we made a big batch of applesauce and a dutch apple pie.




















































little pumpkin update: she isn’t looking so little. Based on my sono this morning girlfriend is measuring big and long like her brothers. My amniotic fluid is too high so that will be monitored but other than that she looks great…and nearly ready. I have started to dilate and she is head down and good to go! Off to walk a few miles!



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