-We are down to crunch time with the 4th of July…you can be praying for Seth that he will feel like everything is in order and that it all goes off without a hitch! His stress level is high but he is handling it like a pro. He did pray last night that it would be over soon though! 5,000 people is a lot to feed and entertain! As of the 5th he will be available for any party planning needs you might have..for a fee of course!

-We have a CRV that needs a new owner! Please pray that it sells quickly and that we can get a good price so that we can buy a car in the US.

-I finished working last week which is a huge relief! It was great timing for my patients to leave for the summer. I have still had morning sickness and some days all day sickness so it was about time to stop pushing it! Pray that my morning sickness goes away so that I can keep up with our energetic boy!

-Jackson is having quite a few tantrums these days! Pray for patience and that we will be the best parents we can be! The combo of morning sickness and the terrible 2’s is tough!

-Today I had to talk to our maid about letting her go. We have had a lot of this since we arrived. Anyhow, Sonia our original maid that left for maternity leave has offered to come back for our final 2 months. I can use her for a day or 2 a week for doctors appts and basic cleaning and not have someone in our home all of the time. It is a happy thing for our family but pray that this maid finds a job quickly and that we can get transitioned for our last couple of crazy months!  I know having a maid is weird to almost all of you but it is expected here so we are actually bucking the norm by only wanting someone to help minimally. I am ready to buck the system!   It has been a luxury but truely I am someone that enjoys having my home and my space so I would rather do more and have peace!

When we announced that I am pregnant we mentioned that I have 2 hematomas.  I am continuing to try to take it easy, no exercise etc. We have had some complications with the doctor here and last week had to switch doctors. Our next appt is the 17th of July so we are  praying that between now and then we will see major improvements with the hematomas and if possible that they would be gone completely. This has added a lot of stress to this pregnancy as you can imagine. Pray for peace as we wait! On the 17th we are also hoping to find out if it is a boy or girl! I think that will help me move into the big excitement phase!!

That’s about it from here! Hope you are all well!

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I always knew Seth would be a great daddy but I don’t think I could have ever imagined what an amazing father he would be in every way! He loves Jackson beyond belief and is constantly thinking of what would be good for him!  He is incredibly patient and gentle with him even in recent days when Jackson has tested in every way possible! No matter how rough our afternoon has gone Jackson is ecstatic when Seth comes in the door. They have so much fun together! And Jackson thinks he hung the moon!

Jackson's Birth_088

2nd Month_060




Happy Father’s Day, Seth! Love you!

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Baby, oh, baby the places you’ll go!

The worlds you will visit!

The friends you will know!

The horn-tooting apes

From the Jungles of Jorn,

Will hoot a big toot

On the day you are born


You will find from your very

first moment in space

you’re surrounded by new friends

all over the place!!

While you are busy growing

we’re all busy counting

the days till we meet you-

excitement is mounting!

You’ll find this world’s a great place to begin,

but it could use some help-

which is where you come in.

So now, As my voice burble-urps in your ear-

with a bump-thumpy sound that is not very clear-

the words I am saying you hear in your heart,

and know that I wish you the very best start.

It’s a scrumptulous world and it’s ready to greet you,

And as for myself…


I can’t wait to meet you!

-Dr. Suess


9 weeks- facing up with head at bottom and feet upward



2 pictures above from today. measuring 11 wk 6 days

That’s right. We are expecting! I am just a couple days shy of 12 weeks. It has been a rather eventful 12 weeks with the discovery that my placenta was pulling away from the uterus and then my time in the hospital that we mentioned on our previous post. I have been on “taking it easy” status per doctors orders to avoid bed rest (by the way this isn’t possible with an almost 2 year old!). We went back today to make sure things were improving and for our 12 week appt. I still have the places of concern but the doctor thinks they have improved. I am still on restricted activity but I am not having to go on bedrest which was the next step if there was no improvement.  He looked to see if he could tell if it was a boy or girl but it wasn’t clear enough with the legs crossed so we will try to see next time!

We shared with some of you in November that we had miscarried. We decided it would be best to save our news this time until a bit further along. I think until people experience miscarriage themselves it is hard to know how difficult it is. In the future I might take more time to reflect on miscarriage but for now we are simply rejoicing that this baby is continuing to grow and thrive! Pray with us that the hematomas will resolve completely and that the doctor will reassure us that we are finally out of the woods!

We expect the baby to debut around Christmas! So, another DC baby.  The timing has worked out well in that we can still do homeleave and then we get to be settled and in a home by the time the baby comes. We will then get to be close to family and friends until the baby is about 6 months old. We are looking forward so much to this new season!

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I guess it’s about time that I blogged about my trip to the Amazon.  Not that I’ve been putting it off, it’s just that life seems really busy right now.

Which I guess is why the Amazon was such a great trip.  Since the advent of cell phones, I’ve never been somewhere for so long where I didn’t have access to the outside world.  But more about that in a minute.

Many months ago, I started talking to our South African friend Nicholas about going to Leticia (which is the Colombian city on the Amazon).  He was game, but it took a while to take off.  But we finally booked it.  We went over Memorial Day weekend, for 5 days.  We flew into Leticia, which was an interesting town.  It’s the only city in the department (state), which tells you something about the department.   It’s all jungle and forest, and those who live there are indigenous and don’t want to interact with city folk or the government.  I don’t even think there’s a road connecting it to the other departments.  Leticia also shares an invisible border with its Brazilian sister city.  So when we went from Leticia to Brazil, we didn’t even know we had crossed into Brazil.

Map of Leticia and Colombia

View from Boat

River Boat

We then took a boat ride, which lasted about 5 hours.  We were only about half way there when the sun set.  And we had to stop at some river town for a pit stop.  It was really interesting to see the way the locals lived.  As we went along in the boat, we saw the tops of huts/houses which were flooded by the Amazon and other tributaries.  From what our guide said, the owners let it flood, and then when it’s low season, they move back in.  I can’t imagine living on a river.  Not like today’s Mississippi.  Like 500 years ago Mississippi.  Living off the river commerce.  Being affected so much by the high and low seasons.  For example, when the river is in high season, it’s harder to fish, because the fish have more areas to spread out to.  But when it’s low season, they are confined to their little river.  What a strange life!!

River Huts

Sunset 1

Our jungle lodge was neat.  It was all earthy and organic.  They only had electricity for about 2 hours a day, and the only light we had during those times was 3 flourescents in a large mess hall.  The light was dim enough that you could barely read.  Which meant we went to bed at around 8 or so, because there wasn’t much else to do.  Of course, the sun rose at around 5:30, along with the rest of the jungle.  Even before the sun rose, birds and animals and insects woke you up.  We slept in little cabins that had wire netting for walls.  And then we slept underneath mosquito netting.



The weather wasn’t quite what I expected.  There were less bugs, less heat, and less rain.  None of which I am complaining about.

It was definitely hard to be so far away, communication-wise, from Kristen and Jackson.  There was no cell phone, internet, landline, TV, etc where we were.  Which was a nice break.  But was also hard not getting to see how their trip in Cartagena was going.

I definitely got to see a lot of wildlife, but not as much as I had expected.  That was partly because we went out in groups, and weren’t the quietest bunch.  But we did see monkeys, caymans, pink river dolphins, grey river dolphins, birds, and pirranahs.



Pink River Dolphin

Overall it was a great and memorable trip.  I’m really glad I went.  But Kristen and I have decided we’re not the kind of couple that enjoys taking separate vacations.  Maybe one day, but not today.

Sunset 2

On the River

Longitude and Latitude

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