Happy Festivus!

Happy Festivus! (Airing of Grievances)

Happy Festivus!

Airing of grievances (although not reserved for only Festivus, this is an extra special day for airing of grievances)

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I know many friends and family don’t understand exactly what it is I do, how I got into the career, etc.

In today’s NY Times, there’s a short article about the career, written for those potentially interested in foreign service.  I thought some of you might find it enlightening as well.  Oh, and the building in the picture is on the compound where I do my language training.  The building, Arlington Hall, was actually used to house code breakers during WWII.

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Seth bought Jackson a couple of cans of ravioli and pasta the other day to have on nights when we have dinner with our small group after he’s in bed. No one could have prepared us for his unrestrained enthusiasm for such delicacies! The kid eats like a shovel!! He had it a few weeks ago but had never had the noodles and meat sauce. He went wild for it tonight. Along with his broccoli! His face was died bright red from the toxins they inject to make it look like tomato sauce! I felt so guilty feeding my child something like this but the look on his face and the fact that he ate almost a whole can washed away most of my guilt! Here are a few photos!





PS-Typically after dinner Jack never asks for his milk cup. After his bath he ran to the kitchen yelling “milk”. I told Seth it had to be because he had more salt in that one meal than he normally consumes in a whole week combined!!

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As I mentioned in a previous post Santa graced us with his presence at the Ambassador’s house on Friday afternoon. Jackson learned how to say Santa before we left but by the time he got there and set eyes on Santa he was not thrilled to sit on his lap! He let out a huge scream for Mommy!


He didn’t have a problem receiving gifts from him he just didn’t want to be touched!



Jackson wore his little corduroy blazer and loafers and caught the attention of the ladies.


More Sugar Cookies, Please!!!


Any attempt of Jackson sitting down next to “Matilda” (our  family pet goose) was a failed attempt because Jackson hoisted Matilda into the air by her neck. Good thing the Christmas card pictures already went out. Had I waited til last week we could not have gotten a good shot!

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